About Us

Who We Are


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of INDUSTRIAL ovens, TRAY DRYERS, and HEATING equipment in India. We manufacture all types of Industrial Ovens such as Electrical, Oil Fired, and Gas Fired.

We are in touch with international technologies to Improve our Products and Supply the best Economical and Durable products. At "AMI INDUSTRIES" you will find quality at every step of the design and manufacturing. With state of art of Technology Manufacturing, Sales & Services. "AMI INDUSTRIES" is in the leading position to any Standard & Non-Standard HEATING equipment in the major industrial locations in India.

With CAD / CAM /3D designing and ever-improving manufacturing procedures, we manufacture the very best OVENS, TRAY DRYERS, and HEATING equipment. Our ovens are used by the majority of reputed industries. Our customers are based all around India & in abroad.

The "AMI INDUSTRIES" group quality policy is To maintain the position as a supplier of quality products like OVEN, TRAY DRYERS, and HEATING EQUIPMENT, Conforming to the relevant specification & build a high level of customer confidence and satisfaction.

We are serving the Industry last 40 years in Heating Systems which is proof of the Excellency, Quality & Durability of our products. More than 4000 Industrial Ovens are working satisfactorily in India & Abroad.

we are the manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of industrial ovens, conveyorized ovens, bakery ovens, laboratory ovens, vacuum ovens, gas-fired ovens, tray dryers, painting booths, muffle furnaces, Material handling equipment, Batch furnaces, and other heating equipment since 1987. Our ovens and products are used in a very vast industry and have multiple uses like baking, drying, finishing, heat treatment, annealing, conveyer system, painting, and many more

we specially design the oven as per your need and requirement in which the temperature ranges start from 50° C to 1000° C.

why us?

  • We design it as per your needs
  • Quality at every step
  • Customer satisfaction is 100%
  • Best price with the best quality
  • Safety is our top priority
  • The staff is always at your help
  • On-site installation with an explanation
  • Timely delivery as committed

Industries we cater in

  • 1. Heat Treatment Industry
  • 2. Welding &Flux Industry
  • 3. Abrasives Industry
  • 4. Automobile Industry
  • 5. Energy Industry
  • 6. Baking and drying Industry
  • 7. Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 8. Laboratory Industry
  • 9. Surface Finishing Industry
  • 10. Oil & gas Industry
  • 11. Food Industry
  • 12. Chemical Industry
  • 13. Baking and Drying
  • 14. Dehydration (All food products)
  • 15. Paint & Coating Industry
  • 16. Rubber Industry
  • 17. Foundry
  • 18. Textiles
  • 19. Glass (Sanitary Products, Glass Bottles, Ceramic, PerfumeBottles)
  • 20. Electroplating Industry

The vision of the company

We here at AMI INDUSTRIES have always tried our level best to be one of the best in class in terms of quality when it comes to the heating industry, we also now aim to achieve the global market and aims to get global recognition as one of the best qualities in the heating industry of industrial ovens.

Our journey started in 1987 as a small unit making industrial heating equipment and ovens and here, we are after 40 years and still improving day by day

We also believe in timely delivery and commitments to the very date to build a long-lasting relationship with the customer

Also, we provide best-in-class products which last over a decade without any major issues as claimed by our customers