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AMI Industries Vacuum Oven can be used for process drying under Vaccum or Standard Atmospheric Conditions. A vacuum type stop cock and Vacuum gauge are fitted on the top. Standard features are temperature up to 200 deg.C. Digital / PID temperature controller , Vacuum Guage Control and release Valve, Stainless Steel suspension type door closing mechanism, Radiant wall heating provides uniform temperature and total use of work space. Round view tempered safety glass window, Secure Latch Silicone Rubber Door Gasket provides tight seal.

APPLICATION : Chemical Drying, Laboratory Testing etc.

Round Model
Dia Depth Rating
225 MM 300 MM 1.00 KW
300 MM 375 MM 1.25 KW
375 MM 450 MM 1.50 KW
450 MM 600 MM 3.00 KW
Rectangular Model (Inner working size)
200 MM 200 MM 200 MM
200 MM 200 MM 300 MM
300 MM 300 MM 300 MM
300 MM 300 MM 450 MM
300 MM 450 MM 450 MM
350 MM 350 MM 500 MM
450 MM 600 MM 450 MM
500 MM 750 MM 500 MM

Vacuum Oven
Round Vaccum Oven


Vacuum Oven
Rectangular Vaccum Oven

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