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Introducing AMI Z series High Voltage Electrostatic Power Coating Guns and Systems.

High Voltage Electrostatic Power Coating Guns 100 KV Plus Negative.

  • Ageless (Zero Aging)
  • Weightless (Effactively)
  • Priceless (Aesthetically)
  • Ultra Slim (Dimensionally)

Control unit for Gun Consists :

Pneumatic Section Separate built in filters given for twin air systems separate for power fluidising and power transport.
Electrical Section Plug in type card system for easy servicing.


Square and symmetrically designed for homogenous powder/air mixture and easy colour change. Geometrically symmetrically and gravitational stable mobile stand with concelled piping.


Pneumatical Data
Max. Input Pressure 12 Bar
Optimum Input Pressure 6 Bar
Max. Water Vapour Content in Compressed Air 1.3 G / Nm*3
Max. Oil Content Permitted 0.1 PPM
AIP /12 12
Electrical Data
Power Supply Single phase AC current 230 voltage
Frequence 50 / 60 HZ
Connected Load 40 VA
Temperature + 10 deg. c to + 50 deg. c
Nominal input
Voltage 10 V Eff.
Frequency 17,000 HZ
Nominal output
Voltage 100 KV (- VE)
Nominal output
Current 0.07 MA
Maximal output
Current 0.15 MA
Polarity Negative
Gun Weight 500 gms.
Electrostatic Power Coating Guns


Capacity of Powder Flow 0 to 30 Kg/hr. (controable)
Capacity of Hopper 15 Kgs (Difference size of hopper available on request)
Powder Flow Patterns 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, dia and flatjet muzzle with electrostatic muzzle
( Different size of extension muzzle available on request )

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