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Contruction The oven has a robust construction. Double walled with M.S OR S.S inside and outside
Door Double walled M.S door with sight glass. Door is fixed on specially designed hinges, provided with latch arrangement.
Insulation Mineral wool in all sides of oven
Heating Superior heating system. The heat is Well distributed throughout the oven. Specially designed heaters are fixed Inside the Oven on top and Bottom. The heaters are easily replaceable.
Temp. Control Top and bottom heat can be controlled Independently by Thermostats or Digital Temp.Controller
Loading Decks Wire Mesh Tray
Performance The oven can maintain temperatures up to 300 c.
Finish The oven is finished in Nikel Grey or any colour of your choice.

Inner size Capacity Rating
30" 18" 18" Single Decker
Double Decker
Three Decker
3 KW
6 KW
9 KW
40" 40" 8" Single Decker
Double Decker
Three Decker
7 KW
14 KW
21 KW
Bakery Oven
Three Deck Bakery Oven
Bakery Oven
Two Deck Bakery Oven

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